A much-needed sanctuary for women experiencing homelessness

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Every night a woman sleeps rough is a night too long. The 18 Keys project will provide safe, stable accommodation, giving women the space and support they need to recover and become independent again.

Meeting the needs of women experiencing homelessness

Many hostels and refuges in London lack the right facilities, services and spaces for women’s needs. 18 Keys will be a tailor-made space to help meet the many challenges facing women currently sleeping rough.

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The current building

18 Keys is a £1.8m project to re-model an existing mixed-sex hostel in London for 16 people with low support needs. As we raise funds to develop and expand the facilities, we are also arranging alternative housing for male residents, taking care to minimise any disruption to their lives.
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A fresh start

The new building will be carefully designed for 18 women coming off the streets, who we know are likely to have complex, high support needs.

Each resident will have their own key to privacy and sanctuary. And every aspect of the redevelopment will help women find the time, space and support they need to recover and become independent again.

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