The Not a Ball Ball

If you’ve ever said you’d pay NOT to go to something, then this is for you. No buying a table of tickets. No trekking to the cleaners with your dinner jacket back for moth repair. No hair cut. No blow-dry. No taxi to book. No babysitter to find. No raffle. No auction prizes to bid for. And absolutely NO headache the next day.

Sound tempting?

We’re inviting you to say a resounding YES to the 18 Keys Project Not a Ball Ball. From the peace of your own home, we’d like you to enjoy NOT going to the ball – a NON-EVENT definitely NOT happening on 30th April 2022. 

The Not a Ball Ball was devised by two stellar members of the 18 Keys Campaign Committee, Julien Sheridan and Pen Cherry, who have both earned their stripes in this area.  All we ask is that instead of not going to the ball you make a donation to the 18 Keys Project.

Just think of the bother you’ll save.

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