#WomenBehind18Keys: Kim Evans OBE

#WomenBehind18Keys: Kim Evans OBE Kim is a Bafta-winning documentary maker, and former Head of Music and Arts at the BBC. She was a Deputy Chair at the National Portrait Gallery and a former trustee of the National Heritage Lottery Fund. She now works with charities supporting social justice and creating opportunities for everyone to engage […]

Introducing the #WomenBehind18Keys

Introducing the #WomenBehind18Keys 18 Keys wouldn’t be where it is without the work put in by many incredibly passionate women to manage, support and raise awareness of the project and campaign.  From the 18 Keys campaign committee, to teams at St Martin’s-in-the-Field Trust and The Connection at St Martin’s, as well as our external partners, […]

South Shore lends support to 18 Keys as a corporate fundraiser

South Shore lends support to 18 Keys as a corporate fundraiser Holborn-based production company South Shore is lending its support to the 18 Keys Project as a corporate fundraiser. South Shore makes shows including Freddie Flintoff’s Field of Dreams, Worst House on The Street and George Clarke’s Flipping Fast.  Melanie Leach, founder and CEO at South […]

Live History Event and Gala Dinner

Live History Event and Gala Dinner Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook, presenters of the acclaimed podcast The Rest Is History, will be presenting a special live edition of the show: The History of the Whole Wide World in One Hour at St Martin-in-the-Fields. Running from the Big Bang to the 21st century, and taking in everything […]

Not a Ball Ball

If you’ve ever said you’d pay NOT to go to something, then this is for you. No buying a table of tickets. No trekking to the cleaners with your dinner jacket back for moth repair. No hair cut. No blow-dry. No taxi to book. No babysitter to find. No raffle. No auction prizes to bid for. And absolutely NO headache the next day.

Sound tempting?

Get involved with the 18 keys project

The 18 Keys project is raising funds to provide a safe home for women who have long term experience of street homelessness in London. The need is urgent; average life expectancy of this group is currently down to 42 years.